Thursday, March 7, 2013

How I Said NO to My MLM Friend!

How To Say No to an MLM Killer Phone Call and Yes to Mel Gibson!
It was meant to be a pleasant relaxing Saturday evening...

The last thing I thought I would be doing before the night was through was to be saying No to an MLM killer phone call and Yes to Mel Gibson!
I'd just finished cooking a meal for my wife Noeline and one of our four son's still living at home.

Some light mood music filtered through the air and the prospect of putting my feet up and watching a movie (for the first time in weeks) made me feel just great.
Seemed like the hardest decision we had to make was to figure out what DVD to watch.
We settled on 'Braveheart', my wife's favorite. I'd only watched it about 37 times but I know it makes her happy.

I said to my wife, "if they ever do a stage production I'll go along for the audition - I know the lines back to front by now" and being brought up in the North of England I am familiar with the Scots accent too. (Possibly better than Mel Gibson anyway).

So we put the movie on...
Peace & Relaxation!
The Bagpipes rang out that famous tune and suddenly my mind was eased into the splendor of the Scottish Highlands.

I was, for all intents and purposes right there with Mel, I could see us shoulder to shoulder ready to fend off that invading English army!
Man, I was in total relax mode...
Total Serenity...
RING, RING, RING, RING, RING... I leaped out of the chair as though I'd been ejected from an F111 Jet, imaginary sword still in hand feeling I should, for some strange reason; be apologizing to Mel (William Wallace) for absconding from the scene.

Noeline nearly dropped her glass of Chardonnay and the cat bolted so quickly through the Pussy Flap on the screen door you could've been mistaken for thinking that it had seen the ghost of a Alsatian Dog!
"Who'd could be calling at 9.40pm Saturday Night?? I muttered.
So I grabbed the phone.
"Hello, Russ here" I said.
"It's me" the caller stated.
"Is this a Saturday Night Quiz?" I questioned!
"No it's (let's call him Joe) here" he went on to say.

"Yes Joe" I replied (Joe is an old friend, a real nice guy that I have known for a 100 years who only calls me when the latest MLM launch is in hot mode, he is totally 'old' school but has earned huge money in MLM - I would have said 'no' to him about 15-20 times over the years).

"How are you, what are you doing with yourself these days?" Joe enthusiastically uttered!
"Well Joe" I said, (in a rather p****d off way) "Me and Mel and some of the guys were just about to Sack (invade) York as you rang."
"Sack York" Joe said, rather miffed at my reply.

"Don't worry about it Joe" I said, "I am here now, this better be important" I said.
Joe went on to pitch me for about 3 minutes without a breath. Joe is a serial talker. He's done more 'drive by' sponsorships in MLM than the number of 'Smiths' in the White Pages phone book.

I got the history of the company, the marketing plan along with the guarantee of the perfect 'spot' just below him with the added benefit of doing virtually doing zero.
Within months we would be laying on the beach in Fiji sipping tropical cocktails from a coconut while getting fanned by Miss Worlds holding a palm leaf... and that was before breakfast!

Not wanting to make him feel too uncomfortable, being the nice guy that he is; I remembered a few lines that I'd learned years earlier from the teachings of the late great Paul J Myer, founder of SMI (Success Motivation Institute) it worked a treat.
How to say NO...

"Joe I always love chatting with you as you know so thank you for asking me. I appreciate the effort you are making and recognize the importance of the project. At this time however, it does not fit into my priorities and plans. I have commitments in other areas that make it necessary for me to say NO"
"Okay, fair enough" Joe said.
Never one to say die, Joe went on to say... "I'll just send you an email with a link!"
"Cheers Joe" I replied.

I really wanted to remind Joe about the system I had told him about a number of times. I'd even invited him many times to one our weekly Webinars to learn about way to generate leads and cash.
A system where he could be spending more quality time at home with his family instead of 'dialing for dollars' - (maybe I should call him one Saturday night about 9.40pm to get his reaction... then again maybe not).

Now where is that Sword Mel (William)?
To Your Success... Keep it Simple and Professional
Russ Stewart
Originally from The UK, my wife Noeline and I live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. My goal is to share my business building knowledge and 'hands-on' experience by providing practical marketing resources to help people get more leads and more cash for their home based business! For further information please visit my blog:

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